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About 60° Pharmaceuticals

Our company history and mission

60° Pharmaceuticals (60P) was founded in 2010 with a mission to realize new ways to improve and extend people’s lives by developing new best-in-class medicines for the treatment and prevention of tropical diseases.


We apply the same passion, energy, and culture of innovation that make us commercially successful to making a difference in the world. We are committed to finding the tools and strategies that will help us overcome some of the planet’s greatest health challenges.

Return for investors

Our core business is delivering tropical disease drug research and development while providing an attractive ROI.

Our collaborative approach

60P has embraced an open innovation approach to reduce the time, cost, and risk needed to build a portfolio of drug discovery and development projects. We collaborate with leading research institutions in the United States, Australia, and elsewhere to discover and develop medicines for tropical diseases.

Our vision

Our intention is to become the trusted leader in changing the practice of antimalarial treatment and forging new weapons to combat these life-threatening tropical diseases.

Headquarters: Washington, D.C. (USA)

Research & Development: Australia

Executive Committee

Geoffrey Dow, Chief Executive and Founder


As a co-founder and CEO of 60P, Dr. Geoffrey Dow brings more than 20 years of product development experience in tropical diseases and has an extensive publication and patent history. His decades of hands-on experience include 13 years in key leadership and advisory roles in the antimalarial drug development program at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and at the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity.


At 60P, Geoff is integrally involved in management of the tafenoquine development program. He was awarded a PhD in veterinary and biomedical sciences by Murdoch University, Australia, and received his MBA from the University of Maryland, USA. As an inventor and contributor on eight patent applications, Geoff’s ultimate goal is the discovery, development, and regulatory approval of one or more drugs for a tropical disease.

Tyrone Miller, Chief Financial Officer and Director


Beyond managing 60P’s accounting and tax issues, Ty leverages his 15 years of CPA experience across the public and private sectors to interact with government, nonprofit, and corporate partners regarding matters of market entry, due diligence, and investment-related decisions.


Prior to joining 60P, Ty established a proprietary tax and accounting practice, Miller Tax Advisory, where he is the principal. Ty earned a BBA at Emory University, Atlanta, USA, and obtained his CPA license in Maryland.

Jennifer Herz, Director


As 60P’s head consultant, Jennifer brings over 20 years of commercial, business development, and scientific affairs experience in the bio-pharma industry. Her background is very vaccine focused. As the first managing director of Sanofi Pasteur in Australia, she developed the company into a major provider of vaccines in Australia, commercially launching five new vaccines. She was also the founding chair of the Medicines Australia Vaccine Industry Group and served on the Board of Medicines Australia.


Her concurrent position is as managing director at Biointelect Pty. Ltd., a life science consulting organization. Jennifer previously held the position of senior director at Astra Zeneca Europe.


Since 2007, Jennifer has worked as a consultant in both Europe and Australia to both biotech companies and multinational pharmas, assisting with strategic planning, market access, public affairs, medical, regulatory and scientific affairs, and training.

Bryan Smith, Chief Medical Officer


With over 20 years of medical experience, including six years as the product manager of antimalarial drugs for the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity, Bryan brings a valuable skill set to 60P. He has held many positions and ranks during his career—just a few being director at the Clinical Trials Center, Department of Immunology and Medicine; research physician at the Department of Enteric Diseases; principal medical consultant at Clinical Network Services; and U.S. Army colonel and force surgeon.


His very strong academic background is punctuated by 16 publications since 2004. He completed his Doctor of Medicine from Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in 1992.

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