Dengue Fever

Unmet medical need for dengue fever treatment

Dengue—a mosquito-borne viral disease that has dramatically spread across multiple tropical regions of the world1—is a serious global health burden. An estimated 3.9 billion people worldwide are at risk of infection with dengue viruses,2 and a recent estimate indicates there are 390 million dengue infections per year, of which 96 million manifest clinically (with any severity of disease).3 Even mild dengue may progress to a hemorrhagic form and cause death.


The total annual global cost of dengue illness has been estimated at US$8.9 billion during 2013.4 Potential drug sales, assuming 100% market share, are estimated to be $338 million per annum.5 The current standard of care is fever and pain relief and transfer to ICUs. Dengue fever vaccines are coming, but supply constraints, cost, and other factors may limit their impact. Dengue drugs would complement the use of dengue vaccines by public health systems, provide relief to dengue patients, and substantially reduce economic costs associated with the disease.

Dengue fever treatment

  • 3.9 billion people at risk, infecting nearly 390 million people annually, with 96 million of those infections being symptomatic3
    • Approximately 500,000 severe cases and 25,000 deaths per year worldwide6
  • Economic burden per annum is US$8.9 billion;4 incidences have increased with alarming pace, and expanded regions are affected
  • Dengue vaccine approved in Brazil, Mexico, and Philippines is only partially effective
  • No therapeutics are available to treat symptomatic disease
World distribution of dengue fever map
World Distribution of Dengue
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