Clinical Pipeline

60° Pharmaceuticals Pipeline of Tropical Disease Medicines

60° Pharmaceuticals (60P)—a growth-oriented specialty pharmaceutical company—is putting cutting-edge biological science and applied research to use in furthering therapies for the prevention and treatment of tropical diseases. Currently, 60P’s pipeline covers promising clinical development programs for malaria and dengue fever.


By leveraging its successful completion of various clinical trials and exclusive research and licensing agreements with the U.S. Army, 60P seeks partnership arrangements for further  advancement and commercialization of its clinical pipeline. Key partnership agreements could support the potential development of new medicines in this important market segment.

Innovation and product development

To innovate new tropical disease treatments, 60P collaborates with other public and private entities to proceed collectively.

60P’s promising dengue fever treatments

60P has two repositioned drugs that have proven safe in human populations for the treatment of dengue fever. 60P has developed a Phase II clinical development campaign for these two candidates:

  • Modipafant: A platelet-activating factor receptor antagonist (60P002)
  • Celgosivir: An alpha-glucosidase I inhibitor (60P001)

Project/CompoundPotential Indication/ Disease AreaSubmission StatusMilestones
Alpha-glucosidase I inhibitor
Treatment of dengue fever caused by a dengue virusPhase IB completed

Phase IIA to be initiated

Fulfills the U.S. FDA Priority Review Voucher (PRV) criteria
Platelet-activating factor receptor antagonist
Treatment of dengue fever caused by a dengue virusPhase IIPhase II study to be conducted

Fulfills the U.S. FDA Priority Review Voucher (PRV) criteria
Prevention of malaria for travelers to endemic areasPhase IIIPhase III trials have been completed, and dossier is being compiled for regulatory submissions

EU submission to be initiated in 2019

Urgent need for new malaria prevention treatments

In the current travel medicine market, existing drugs are only partially adequate. They simply do not protect against all species of the parasite in all parts of the world. Busy travelers are required to adhere to daily dosing or complicated schedules for post-exposure prophylaxis.


60P’s preventive [preferred] treatment regimens for malaria prevention are planned to be straightforward, thereby enabling travelers to be more compliant (before, during, and after travel). They also will not be affected by geographical restrictions due to regional drug resistance.

60P: Leadership team

Our executive team members are on the forefront of the tropical disease and drug development arenas and are helping 60P achieve the major pharmaceutical advancements that can make a difference in disease treatment and prevention:

  • Geoffrey Dow, Chief Executive and Founder: 20+ years of product development experience in tropical diseases
  • Tyrone Miller, Chief Financial Officer and Director: 15 years of CPA experience and interacting with the government, nonprofit, and corporate partners
  • Douglas Loock, Vice President Commercial Operations: 25+ years of pharmaceutical marketing experience and the commercial development of 11 new products
  • Jennifer Herz, Director: 20+ years of business development in the bio-pharma industry and commercially launching five new vaccines
  • Bryan Smith, Chief Medical Officer: 20+ years of medical experience, including six years as the product manager of antimalarial drugs in the U.S. Army


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