Corporate Values & Mission

Discovery and Development of Vital
Medicines for Tropical Diseases

60° Pharmaceuticals (60P) was founded in 2010 with a mission to discover, develop, and distribute new medicines for the prevention of tropical diseases.


Our core business is delivering tropical disease drug research and development while providing an attractive return for investors.


60P has embraced an approach to reduce the time, cost, and risk needed to build a portfolio of drug discovery and development projects. We are in collaboration with leading research institutions in the United States, Australia, and Singapore to discover and develop medications for dengue fever and malaria prevention.

Corporate Values

We apply the same passion, energy, and culture of innovation that make us commercially successful to making a difference in the world. We are committed to finding the tools and strategies that will help us overcome some of the planet’s greatest health challenges.

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Deaths annually in endemic countries from malaria


Travelers to endemic regions per annum


Dengue infections per year


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